Jonathan Azoff

Software Au Pair

An Open-Source Author

OverScroll | Touch scrolling for The Browser

A jQuery plugin and polyfill for overflow scrolling in The Browser. OverScroll is a complete reverse port of the scrolling experience found in popular native mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Node OSX Notifier | OSX Notifications over HTTP

A NodeJS server that transforms HTTP requests into notifications on The OSX Notification Center. The module has become popular amongst individual developers who do self-monitoring of their applications.

Caldav-Go | A CalDAV Client for Go

A from-scratch, CalDAV (rfc4791) Client featuring partial WebDAV and iCalendar support. Notably includes the only complete parser, tokenizer, and serialization tools for handling the iCalendar format in Go.

An Industry Polymath

* Full list available upon request.

Director of Engineering | Omni

Omni's first in-house engineer, and author of several internal and external iOS applications. He is the primary architect behind Omni's application infrastructure and deployments. Currently manages the engineering team and contributes to the development of Omni's next-generation services.

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Director of Technology, Board Member | Sweet Farm

Board member and active contributor to the the non-profit animal sanctuary Sweet Farm. Currently focused on improving sponsorship rates by delivering a mobile experience in React Native. Also working as a principal designer for new user experiences.

Technical Consultant | Taviti

The technical consulatant behind Taviti - A modern marketplace for Yoga. Notably, the student portal is a one-of-a-kind responsive web application, leveraging a multitude of languages and frameworks to achieve a sophisticated, portable application.

Senior Software Engineer | Zillow

via RentJuice Acquisition

Leadership role with duties including development of the front-end, creation of two continuous integration systems, and various social integrations. Complete product implementations in several languages and stacks, with a primary focus in the LAMP stack. Notably listed as "inventor" in Zillow patent for online rental-application software.

Senior Software Engineer | Disney Interactive Media

via Playdom Acquisition

Architect behind studio-wide application container for social games. Focus on creating context-agnostic APIs for the game development teams, tested against successful launch of two games. Implemented architectures handling tiered growth, with upwards of one million unique users per month.

Software Engineer + Designer | Pixelpipe

Lead designer and engineer behind the desktop user-interface and the WebOS mobile client. Side roles including development of in-house monitoring and operations tools.

A Mobile-First Developer

Verbatim | Real-Time Closed-Captioning

An iOS application that creates a virtual closed-captioning network for events. Users may subscribe to the microphone output of other phones, as well as caption writer output. In addition, the app streams pictures from the source phones, allowing for a rich sharing experience.

OddJob | Real-time Micro Services

An Android application for requesting service or goods from local vendors. Operates at a micro-scale, emphasizing immediacy and local availability. Currently in closed private alpha for user acceptance testing. Builds available upon request.

FaceDroid | Facial-Detection Memes

A Google Hackathon submission for creating memes on Android. FaceDroid uses a facial detection algorithm and the physical camera interface to detect and super-impose Android faces onto photos.

An Embedded Software Hobbyist

Hype Machine for Roku | A Streaming Music Client

The first, and only, set-top client for The Hype Machine on Roku. Client runs off of Hype Machine's private mobile API, re-implementing much of the functionality found in the iOS distribution.

TrafficBox | Embedded Traffic Light Web Server

Source code and instructional documentation for creating an embedded web-server on an Arduino. The server responds to HTTP requests to control solid-state relays in a modified traffic light. Deployed as a monitoring system for local continuous integration in Jenkins.

An Infrastructure Scalability Engineer

Truman | Deferred Method Calls in PHP

A pure, PHP implementation of an asynchronous message passing system and job-queue. Truman gives PHP developers the only native, open-source job queue available in the market. Originally open-sourced under RentJuice, now a subsidiary of Zillow.

Airbrake for PHP | A Notification Client

A PHP client for tracking user-triggered errors in production. The client injects itself into the PHP page lifecycle, and reports errors to a user-specified account on Airbrake.

A UX Design Specialist | Post Rental Listings For Free

As part of his work at Zillow, Jon lead the interaction design and implementation of the user interface. Highlights include a custom client-to-S3 upload interface and a mobile-optimized version of the website.

Certifications and Degrees

General Management | Harrison Metal

Completed The Harrison Metal Course in General Management, drawing from a wealth of knowledge in the art and science of managment. Covered topics ranging from how to create effective OKRs, conduct performance reviews, and many other foundational principles core to engineering managment.

iOS Developer | Codepath

Completed the second, of two bootcamps focused on training professional engineers to create native iOS (Apple) applications. Jon's capstone project was Verbatim, a real-time closed-captioning app.

Android Developer | Codepath

Completed the free, eight-week bootcamp focused on training professional engineers to create native Android applications. Jon's Codepath team project, OddJob, won "Best Android App" as chosen by a panel of industry-leading judges.

Scrum Master | Scrum Alliance

Received certification for completing "Scrum Master" training, a variant of agile programming. Able to implement methodologies within the workplace, for organizations with new or existing agile development patterns.

Bachelors of Science, Computer Engineering | Santa Clara University

Honored with Santa Clara's Award for Technical Excellence for work on senior capstone project. Focuses on machine learning, design, automation and graphics.